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Name Your Kid Oscar or Lily . . . They Make the Most Money as Adults


You obviously want your kid to make a lot of money when they grow up.  Because, you know, then YOU won’t have to keep paying for them.

A new study analyzed more than 500,000 resumes to find which first names were connected to the highest-paying jobs.  So if you’re searching for a baby name, might as well take a chance on one of these, right?

Here’s what they found . . .

The boys’ names that make the most money are Oscar and George.

And the boys’ names that make the least are Jack and Jacob.

The girls’ names that make the most money are Lily and Isabella.

And the girls’ names that make the least are Olivia and Jessica.

A Guy Is Arrested After a Fight With His Brother Over Cheesecake Portions

  Two brothers in Alabama got into an argument last month over the sizes of their pieces of cheesecake.  The older brother who cut the pieces wound up PUNCHING his younger brother, and he got arrested.

I’m pretty sure every set of brothers in the history of the world has had an argument like this one . . . but VERY few of them needed police intervention.

This happened back on December 26th, but it’s just hitting the news now.

Two brothers in Moundville, Alabama were eating lunch the day after Christmas and they got into an argument over dessert.  Apparently the older brother cut them pieces of cheesecake, and the younger brother thought his piece was too small.

They started arguing, and the older brother wound up PUNCHING his younger brother . . . and then grabbing the butcher’s knife he’d used to cut the cheesecake.  The younger brother said he felt threatened so he called the cops.

When they got there, the younger brother told them what happened . . . and even asked the cops if they thought his portion of cheesecake was, quote, “big enough for a grown [a**] man.”

The older brother was arrested for third-degree violence and harassment.

80% of Hiring Managers Say a Follow-Up Email Increases Your Chances of Landing the Job

People spend hours making sure their resumé looks perfect, and reading articles on how to nail their interview.  But there’s also one very simple thing you should do AFTER an interview to increase your chances of landing a job . . .

A recent survey asked more than 300 HR managers if getting a follow-up, thank-you note from someone increases their chances of getting hired.  And 80 PERCENT said yes.

But they only get them from 24% of the people they interview, which is down from 51% ten years ago.It doesn’t have to be a long note.  Just a few lines to thank them for taking the time to meet with you is fine.

It helps because it makes you stand out . . . makes you look professional . . . shows them you pay attention to detail . . . and shows them you’re enthusiastic.

Most hiring managers said emailing is the best way to do it.  About half said they don’t like getting phone calls.  And definitely don’t text them.  95% said following up with a text message is unprofessional.

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