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What Are the Rudest Things You Can Do When You Text?

  No matter how good you THINK you are when it comes to texting, there’s probably SOMETHING you’re doing that makes other people crazy.  And here are some of those things.

A new survey by Buzzfeed found how many people consider different text moves rude.  Check out the results . . .

1.  Texting on a date, 94% of people say it’s rude.

2.  Texting during a movie at a theater, 87%.

3.  Texting while you’re out to dinner with other people, 76%.

4.  Just replying to a text with a lowercase “k,” 65%.

5.  Just sending a one-word response, 33%.

6.  Intentionally waiting to respond to a text, 31%.

7.  Texting while you walk, 26%.

8.  Texting someone who’s in the room, 14%.

9.  Using a lot of emojis, 11%.

10.  Texting long paragraphs, 7%.

56% of Americans Will Still Stop to Pick Up a Penny

  Pennies are basically useless at this point . . . if you have one in your house, it almost counts as “clutter” more than it counts as “money.”  But DAMN, we’ll still stop in our tracks if we see one.

According to a new survey, 56% of Americans say they’ll stop to pick up a penny if they see one on the street.

And it doesn’t even matter how much money you make.  People who make over $80,000-a-year are just a tiny bit less likely to stop for a penny than people who make less than $40,000.

Now . . . SOME of us have higher standards.

11% of people say they’ll only stop for a nickel . . . 6% for a dime . . . 14% for a quarter . . . and 6% won’t stop to pick up ANY coin in the street.

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