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$50,000 Valentine’s Day Dessert

Philly Voice claims Philadelphia’s Moshulu restaurant is offering a $50,000 Valentine’s Day dessert. The chocolate dome dessert has two platinum and diamond earrings inside it totaling 5.78 carats. Guests will crack open the dome with a special chocolate hammer The four-course meal itself costs $125.


Should the Day After the Super Bowl Be a Paid Holiday? 72% of HR Managers Say Yes

 Should the day after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?  According to a new survey, your head of HR probably has your back . . . or they’re just sick of you rolling in late still smelling like beer and Funyuns.

According to a new survey, 72% of HR managers think the Monday after the big game SHOULD be a paid holiday.

They got a list of six different events, and had to choose which one should get a holiday.  72% said the day after the Super Bowl.  The second most popular choice was the day after the NBA finals with just 5% of the vote.

2% said the day after the Oscars . . . 2% said the day after the World Cup . . . another 2% said the day after the Stanley Cup Finals . . . and just 1% said the day after the last game of the World Series.  17% said NONE of those days should be a holiday.

32% of us have shown up late the day after a major sporting event.  27% have called in sick.  And on average, we waste 27 minutes a day on sports-related activities in the LEAD-UP to a major sporting event.

By the way, another new survey just found that football is still BY FAR America’s favorite sport to watch.  38% said football, followed by baseball at 12% . . . basketball, 10% . . . soccer, 9% . . . hockey, 5% . . . and auto racing, 5%.




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