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Six Ways to Be Healthier While Watching Football

Watching football tends to come with a lot of calories.  Whether you’re at home, tailgating, or at a bar, there’s always food.  And it’s usually not health food.  So here are six tips that can make your football-watching experience slightly healthier . . .

1.  Eat something healthy before the game starts, so you won’t want to eat as much junk DURING the game.  Having healthy options available while you watch is good too.

2.  Wear a belt.  It helps you feel full faster, so you might not eat as much.  Skinny jeans are another option.

3.  Alternate between beer and water.  It’ll help cut calories, keep you feeling full, and keep you hydrated.  And obviously light beers tend to have the fewest calories.

4.  If you’re with friends, try to keep the conversation going.  The more you talk, the more distracted you’ll be, and the less you’ll eat.

5.  Go for a walk at halftime, or throw a football around.  You’ll burn a few calories and get some exercise in.  Plus, it keeps you away from the food and booze for a while.

6.  Plan to stop eating at a specific point in the game, like after halftime.  And if you need to drive, having a cut-off point for alcohol is a good idea too.


Two Year-Old Shreds $1,060

CBS claims a pair of University of Utah football fans recently saved $1,060 to buy tickets to several games. When they went to retrieve the money from a drawer it was gone. Their two-year-old shredded the cash in a paper shredder. The child has allegedly been grounded from any fun activities



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