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Choose the news 10/13/17

Arby’s Will Serve Its Deer Meat Sandwiches All Over the Country For One Day Only

  Last year, Arby’s announced they’d be serving an unusual kind of meat.  The jokes really write themselves.

Anyway, they offered DEER MEAT sandwiches in six big deer-hunting states:  Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Well, good news:  Now they’re giving EVERYONE in the country a shot at eating some fast food deer.

On October 21st, which is one week from tomorrow, EVERY Arby’s in the country will be serving the deer sandwiches.  But they’re only available that day.

They’re also going to start serving an ELK sandwich in three big elk-hunting states:  Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  So maybe we’ll all get THAT for one day next fall.  Here’s hoping?


Men Get More Satisfaction Out of “Bromances” Than Romances

If you could do it all over again, would you pass on getting married and just be roommates with two or three buddies forever?  You’d have to at least CONSIDER it, right?

According to a new study, young men today say they get more emotional satisfaction out of “bromances” than out of romantic relationships.

And all of the guys in the study were straight, so there’s no sexual angle . . . they just like hanging with their friends more than being in relationships with the ladies.

So why do they like their “bromances” more?  The guys felt like their male friends JUDGED them less than their girlfriends . . . it was easier to get over fights and arguments with them . . . and they were better listeners.

The researchers also found that 100% of the guys in the study had done SOMETHING with their best friend that they were afraid people might laugh at them for . . . like saying “I love you,” sleeping in the same bed, or even cuddling.


The Top Five Ways People Blow It on Dating Apps

Using dating apps is almost a REQUIREMENT if you’re single in 2017.  What a reality we live in.

Anyway, a new survey by the people at Durex condoms found the top five ways people screw up the messages they send on dating apps.

And you know they have a vested interest in helping, since dating apps have got to be the best thing that happened to the condom industry in decades.  Anyway, here are the top five ways you blow it . . .

1.  Saying creepy, sexual stuff.

2.  Being too forward.

3.  Writing something unoriginal.

4.  Being too boring.

5.  Being too cheesy.

The survey also found that 82% of people had met up with someone from a dating app JUST because that person’s messages really made them laugh.


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