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Here’s How Much Black Licorice It Would Take to Kill You

Black licorice is DEADLY.  It tries to warn you with its terrible taste.  But if you just plow through and keep eating it anyway . . . well, you actually MIGHT overdose on the stuff.

Black licorice has a chemical compound called glycyrrhizin.  (Pronounced gliss ur RYE zin.)  And if you have too much of it, it can increase your blood pressure, mess with your heart rhythm . . . and maybe even cause heart failure.

So . . . how much black licorice could put you in danger?  It’s a lot . . . but maybe less than you’d think.

According to the FDA, if you eat two ounces of black licorice every day for at least two weeks, that’s when you could start having problems.

So eat your black licorice in moderation . . . or do what most of us do, and don’t eat it at all.

The Ten Most Common Phobias Include Heights, Spiders, and Public Speaking

As much as we’re all scared of KILLER CLOWNS, we’re a lot more afraid of having to talk in front of people.

A new survey asked more than 9,000 people to name their biggest fears . . . and fear of clowns didn’t even make the top 10.  Here’s what did . . .

1.  Arachnophobia, fear of spiders.

2.  Acrophobia, fear of heights.

3.  Claustrophobia, fear of small spaces.

4.  Thalassophobia, fear of deep water.

5.  Necrophobia, fear of death.

6.  Glossophobia, fear of public speaking.

7.  Ophidiophobia, fear of snakes.

8.  Tryanophobia, fear of needles.

9.  Entomophobia, fear of insects.

10.  Galeophobia, fear of sharks.

The Best Horror Films of 2017 So Far

The end of October is kind of a random time to put out a best-of list.  But since today is Halloween,’s list of the Best Horror Films of 2017 So Far is worth a look.

There are 24 movies on the list . . . here are 10 of them, in no particular order:

1.  “Get Out”.  This one’s pretty obvious, and if you don’t know what it’s about, congratulations on coming out of your coma.

2.  “It”.  Another no-brainer.

3.  “The Girl with All the Gifts”.  A zombie movie, but a good, non-cliché zombie movie.

4.  “Raw”.  This was the French cannibal flick that allegedly caused people to faint at a screening.

5.  “Split”.  If you want to really do this one right, watch M. Night Shyamalan’s“Unbreakable” first.  Then you can better enjoy his upcoming movie “Glass”, which is a sequel to BOTH.

6.  “Happy Death Day”.  It’s the slasher version of “Groundhog Day” that someone should have thought of YEARS ago.  A girl has to relive the day of her murder over and over again, until she can identify her killer.

7.  “Annabelle: Creation”.  The FOURTH movie in the “Conjuring” franchise.  But probably not the last.

8.  “A Dark Song”.  A woman hires a spiritual guide to help her contact her son, who was kidnapped and murdered.  This one’s kind of understated, but your patience pays off.

9.  “The Devil’s Candy”.  A metalhead (slash) painter moves his family into a home where the previous occupants were murdered by their son.  Why?  The Devil made him do it.  And maybe he’s not finished.

10.  “Prevenge”.  A woman’s unborn baby commands her to kill.  So she does.

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