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Choose the news 11/29/17

You Should Throw Out Your Underwear Every Year . . . Or They Become a Health Risk

When do you throw out a pair of underwear?  If your answer is, “Only when it has too many holes for me to count” or “Wait, people throw away underwear?” . . . then listen up.

According to a new study, you should throw away your underwear every YEAR . . . or it becomes a health risk.Even though you’re washing them after you wear them . . . hopefully . . . old underwear can still develop a buildup of bacteria like E. coli.  That can lead to you getting infections down there.  And NO ONE wants those infections.

Of course, not everyone is even washing them regularly.  The study found 18% of men and 10.5% of women wear underwear multiple times without washing them.

And one more thing:  The researchers also say you probably shouldn’t wear underwear when you SLEEP . . . nude is better.


The Secret to Being More Popular Is . . . Nodding?

This seems like a pretty easy way to make people like you . . . a lot easier than, you know, doing nice things for them or treating them well.

According to a new study out of Hokkaido University in Japan, all you have to do to be more popular is NOD more.

The researchers had their subjects watch videos of people . . . in some videos, the people were nodding, and in some, they weren’t.

And the same people were rated 30% more LIKEABLE when they were nodding a lot than when they weren’t.  They were also rated 40% more approachable.

You Can Now Register For Baby Gifts at . . . Domino’s?

Look out, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.  There’s a new player out there ready to suck up those sweet, sweet parent dollars.  And it’s one you never saw coming.

The latest store to launch a baby registry feature is . . . Domino’s Pizza.  Yes, if you’re expecting, you can register at so your friends and family can buy you pizzas.

And sure, those aren’t QUITE as practical as stuff like diapers or car seats, but when you’re so focused on the baby that you don’t have time to shop, cook, or even get carry out, maybe that pizza delivery WILL be a big help.  Maybe.


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