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Choose the news 12/15/17

The Ten Worst Christmas Gifts People Have Gotten from Co-Workers

 A new survey found 22% of us will give at least one co-worker a gift this year.  So how much will we spend?  34% said less than $10 per gift.  59% said between $11 and $50.  Only 6% of people said they’ll spend more than $50 on a gift.

Obviously it’s just the thought that counts.  But sometimes we don’t even put that much thought into it.  Here are the 10 worst gifts people said they’ve gotten from a co-worker.

1.  Earrings shaped like chickens.

2.  Coupons from a grocery store.

3.  Roasted grasshoppers.

4.  A roll of Saran Wrap.

5.  A jar of glitter.

6.  A coaster with their face on it.  Not sure if that means their face, or their co-worker’s.

7.  A recipe for dip.

8.  An ornament shaped like an engagement ring.  That’s a potential HR nightmare.

9.  A wooden cat statue.

10.  Used candles.  Also, women are almost twice as likely to give a co-worker a gift than men.  But you’re more likely to get one from your BOSS if they’re a GUY.  63% of male bosses and 45% of female bosses plan to give gifts this year.

More Cookies Are Being Turned Into Cereals: Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy Cereals Are Coming

Back in June, Post brought back Oreo O’s cereal a decade after it disappeared from shelves.  And apparently, people really liked eating cookies for breakfast again, because it’s about to get some company.

Post just announced they’ll be making two more cookie cereals:  Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy.

And they’ll be in stores before the end of the month . . . which is kind of perfect, because it means you can gorge yourself on them before New Year’s resolution season starts.



People Have Stopped Taking Ambulances and Started Taking Ubers

Do you know how much it costs to take an ambulance to the hospital?  It’s like THOUSANDS of dollars.  So I guess unless you’re literally bleeding out, this kinda makes sense . . .

A new study found that the number of people taking ambulances is down at least 7% and probably closer to 10% to 15% . . . because they’re taking UBER instead.  After all, spending $15 on a ride to the hospital seems a lot better than spending $1,500.

The researchers say it makes sense . . . people are weighing the options in non-life-threatening emergencies between having paramedics and a siren versus saving a thousand bucks, and they’re going with option B.

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