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Choose the news 2/23/17

You Waste Four Days a Year Looking for Parking

  Here’s one of the big perks of living out in the middle of nowhere.  According to a new study, people in big cities waste a solid chunk of their LIVES just searching for parking.

Researchers in England found that people in London spend an average of eight minutes every time they have to search for a parking spot . . . which works out to almost four days a year.

We assume they’re talking about street parking.  If you’re driving around for eight minutes at Walmart, you’re doing it wrong.

Even in smaller cities, they found it takes an average of five minutes to find street parking, which isn’t much better.

44% of people say finding a spot is a stressful experience.  Only 20% say they don’t get stressed out at all.

48% find it annoying that there just aren’t enough spots available.  And 59% are frustrated by people who park like jerks and take up two spots.


The Four Ways We Avoid Touching Stuff in Public Bathrooms

The goal when you use a public bathroom is to touch as few things as possible.  And someone recently polled people to find out exactly how we do it.  Here are our top four strategies . . .

1.  Open and close the door with your butt, so you don’t touch the handle.  35% of women and 27% of men do it.  45% of people said they use a paper towel.

2.  “Hover” above the toilet seat.  52% of women do it, which isn’t that surprising.  25% of MEN also do it, which IS kind of surprising.  (Do a solid percentage of men pee sitting down?  Or is that just how some bathroom stalls get SO gross?)

3.  Flush the toilet with your foot.  53% of women do it, and 41% of guys do.  35% of men and women said they push it with their hand, but use toilet paper or paper towels to act as a buffer.

4.  Use a paper towel to use the faucet.  39% of women and 31% of men do it.

Also, about 70% of people said they use bathrooms at specific businesses, because they know they’ll be cleaner.

And the top six things that annoy us in public restrooms are when there’s no toilet paper . . . when the toilet is clogged or hasn’t been flushed . . . when the latch on the stall door doesn’t work . . . when it smells gross in there . . . when the overall appearance is gross . . . and when there aren’t any paper towels.

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