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2018’s List of the Dumbest Excuses People Have Used for Being Late to Work

  According to Career Builder’s annual late-to-work survey, 25% of us are late at least once a month . . . and 12% said they’re late at least once a week.  37% of people between 18 and 44 are late at least once a month, compared to just 14% of people over 45.


The most common excuses we use are, “I got stuck in traffic” and “I overslept.”  But when you’re late all the time, you’ve gotta get creative.  Here are the eight DUMBEST excuses bosses said they’ve heard . . .


1.  “My coffee was too hot, and I couldn’t leave until it cooled down.”

2.  “My fake eyelashes got stuck together.”

3.  “I was here, but I fell asleep in the parking lot.”

4.  Someone claimed they were late because of “morning sickness.”  But they definitely weren’t pregnant . . . because it was a GUY.

5.  Their astrologer told them there would be an accident on the highway.  So they took back roads the whole way, and showed up an hour late.

6.  “It was too cold out.”

7.  Someone claimed they accidentally drove to their old job.  Which MIGHT have been believable . . . but they hadn’t worked there in five years.

8.  “My dog ate my work schedule.”

“Tan Gummies” Are the First Food You Can Eat to Get Tanned . . . Allegedly

Well this sounds a lot better than getting a spray-on tan, going to a tanning salon, or . . . God forbid . . . going outdoors.

A company in England just invented a product called “Tan Gummies” . . . which are gummy bears that make you tan.  They say they’re the first edible tanning supplement ever and they use a special blend of vitamins to safely and naturally make you tan.


Do they work?  Well . . . we’re not sure.  But a lot of people want to find out, since they’ve been selling out.  If you want to try them, they cost about $17 for a bottle, but it doesn’t look like they ship to the U.S. right now.



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