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Choose the news 3/7/17

A New App Helps You Blow Off Annoying Coworkers By Making a Fake Call to Your Phone

When your coworkers keep popping by your desk to talk to you, it’s really tough to get your work done . . . so you can get back to important things.  You know, like aimless web surfing.  So here’s a pretty brilliant solution.

There’s a new app for the Google Chrome web browser called “NOPE.”  When you click it, the app calls your cell phone.  Then you can pick up that call, start having a fake conversation that SEEMS important, and your coworker should walk away.

You can get it for free by Googling “nope chrome.”


The Best Thing About All 50 States

Every single state has a lot of unique stuff it can be proud of.  Even Delaware.  But what’s the GREATEST thing they have to offer? just put together a list of the one best thing about every state.  Here are some of the ones that are hard to argue with . . .

Alabama:  Crimson Tide football . . . Arizona:  the Grand Canyon . . . Kentucky:  bourbon . . . Louisiana:  jazz . . . Nevada:  doing illegal things legally . . . New Jersey:  Bruce Springsteen . . . Vermont:  maple syrup . . . and Wyoming:  Yellowstone.

And here are five that should probably make the people in these states feel shortchanged . . .

California:  the Pacific Coast Highway . . . Colorado:  legalized marijuana . . . Iowa:  election caucuses . . . Illinois:  Lake Shore Drive . . . and Florida:  idiots in the news.



Do You Put Ice in Orange Juice, Milk, Beer, or Wine?

There’s nothing that sucks the classiness out of a glass of wine like plunking a few ice cubes in it.  ESPECIALLY red wine.

A new survey asked people if they put ice in different drinks that most people normally wouldn’t.  Here are the results . . .

1.  Orange juice, 18% use ice.

2.  White wine, 15%.

3.  Beer, 6%.

4.  Milk, 5%.

5.  Red wine, 5%.

For more traditional iced drinks, 86% put ice in soda . . . 73% put it in water . . . 29% prefer iced coffee to hot . . . and 26% drink iced tea over hot tea.


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