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Five More Misused Phrases That Make You Sound Dumb


Yesterday, we had five commonly misused phrases that can make you sound dumb . . . like saying “all intensive purposes” when it’s actually “all INTENTS and purposes.”  And today, we’ve got five more fresh ones for you . . .

1.  It’s a “mute point” should be “it’s a MOOT point” . . . spelled M-O-O-T.  Obviously “mute” means to silence something.  “Moot” means something that’s insignificant.

2.  “Deep-seeded” should be “deep-SEATED.”  It means something buried deeply within an existing structure.  Most people won’t call you out on it.  But “deep-SEEDED” should only be used if you’re talking about March Madness teams or gardening.

3.  The term “shoo-in” is actually spelled S-H-O-O.  It only matters when you write it.  But It comes from the horseracing term “shoo,” meaning to urge in a certain direction.  As in, “That horse is going to win, and then they’ll shoo him into the winner’s circle.”

4.  “Should of” is wrong, and “should HAVE” is right.  People get it confused because the contraction “should’ve” sounds like “should OF.”  So it’s another one that really just matters when you write it.

5.  “It’s a doggie dog world” should be “dog-EAT-dog” world.  A “doggie dog” world sounds cute.  A “dog-EAT-dog” world describes a ruthless place, where dogs are so desperate they’d eat each other if necessary.


Taco Bell is testing a new breakfast item called the French Toast Chalupa.

The French toast is folded like a taco shell and then stuffed with scrambled eggs and meat. It sells for $2.49.


Woman Takes Bus To Hospital With Scissors Stuck In Head:

Kicker Daily claims a 57 year-old woman from China recently took a public bus to a hospital with a pair of scissors stuck in her head. The woman was harvesting mahogany leaves on her farm when her bamboo pole snapped sending the scissors straight down into her skull. The woman remained calm, boarded the bus, and went to the hospital where doctors successfully removed the scissors. They were 3 mm from her brain. The woman is recovering.


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