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The 10 Most Common Ways People Screw Up on Their First Day at a New Job

  Don’t worry . . . if you screw up on your first day at a new job, I’m sure your career will recover.  First impressions aren’t a big deal.  Wait.  What’s that?  They’re actually a huge deal and you’re screwed forever?  Oh.  Oh well.  Good luck!

According to a new survey, almost HALF of people say they’ve screwed up on their first day at a new job.  And here are the 10 most common ways . . .

1.  They learned someone’s name and then immediately forgot it.

2.  They got someone’s name wrong.

3.  They said something stupid because of their nerves.

4.  They went to the wrong place.

5.  They showed up way too overdressed.

6.  They had to have something simple explained several times.

7.  They showed up late because of traffic.

8.  They put their foot in their mouth during a conversation.

9.  They showed up way too underdressed.

10.  They accidentally sent an email to the entire company.

A Workout Program Lets You Watch TV While You Run Outdoors By Strapping an iPad to Your Trainer’s Back

 Do you want to go for a run outdoors . . . but still be able to watch TV like you’re on a treadmill at a gym instead of enjoying the scenery and nature?

Sounds like a VERY narrow niche to me, but apparently it’s a big enough need that it spawned a business.

There’s a health club in England that’s offering a new workout program where you run outside behind a personal trainer . . . who has an iPad strapped to his back.

So if you keep up with him, you can see whatever show you’re streaming.  And you wear wireless headphones so you can listen to it too.  Plus you get to feel like a donkey chasing after a carrot on a stick, so that’s exciting.

There’s no word on how popular the new exercise program is, or if anyone’s planning to import it here to America.  But I think we’ll be fine without it.

Late To Work Survey

A new survey by Careerbuilder reveals that 25% of workers are late to work at least once a month. That’s down from 29% in 2017. Other findings:

– 12% of workers are late to work on a weekly basis

– 40% of managers have fired someone for being late

– top reasons for being late to work

Traffic (51%)

Oversleeping (31%)

Bad weather (28%)

Too tired to get out of bed (23%)

Forgot something (13%)

– most outrageous excuses for being late:

It’s too cold to work.

I had morning sickness (it was a man).

My coffee was too hot and I couldn’t leave until it cooled off.

An astrologer warned me of a car accident on a major highway, so I took all backroads, making me an hour late.

My dog ate my work schedule.

I was here, but I fell asleep in the parking lot.

My fake eyelashes were stuck together.

Although it has been five years, I forgot I did not work at my former employer’s location and drove there on accident.

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