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Choose the news 5/30/18

Speedos, Leather Pants, and Crocs Are the Items of Clothing People Hate the Most


Personally, I’m IMPRESSED when I see a guy walking around in a tiny Speedo or a pair of leather pants.  Now THAT’S confidence.  But a lot of you aren’t seeing it that way, I guess.

A new survey asked people what clothes they HATE the most.  And here is the VERY judgmental top 10 . . .

1.  Speedos.  69% of people have an “unfavorable” opinion of them.

2.  Leather pants, 63%.

3.  Crocs, 59%.

4.  Bell bottoms, 57%.

5.  Clothes with elbow patches, 54%.

6.  Tracksuits, 52%.

7.  Bright red pants, 51%.

8.  Uggs, 51%.

9.  Sweater vests, 49%.

10.  Deep V-neck t-shirts, 49%.


Cops Arrest Drunk Golf Cart Thief In McDonald’s Drive-Thru:

The BBC claims the North Yorkshire, England police recently arrested a 19 year-old man for stealing a golf cart from a golf club. Cops busted the man at 3:45 a.m. going through a McDonald’s drive-thru in the cart. He was drunk and charged with theft and a DUI

The police Tweeted: “It was the most unusual job of the night but officers managed to avoid a high-speed pursuit”.



The Next Big Food Could Be . . . Cockroach Milk?

If you think about it, it’s kind of gross that we drink ANY animal milk.  Like, they make that stuff to feed their babies, and we just pump it out of them by the truckload and chug it down.  But this is WORSE.

Apparently, the next big trend in milk could be . . . COCKROACH MILK.  It turns out that there’s one species of cockroach in Hawaii that makes milk, and it’s even more nutritious than cow’s milk.

Now . . . the process of milking MILLIONS of cockroaches isn’t exactly easy, but there are several companies working on bringing it to the market.  And one day in the future, maybe we’ll all be drinking the stuff.  Maybe.


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