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Choose the news 5/4/18

This weekend is Cinco de Mayo AND the Kentucky Derby.  So if you’re going to be throwing back some drinks, here are four steps on how to prep your body so you don’t feel terrible come Monday . . .

1.  Drink water.  If you only follow one tip from this list, it should be this one.  Drink water before you go out drinking, while you’re drinking, and after you’re done drinking, and you’ll feel a lot better because of it.

2.  Eat some carbs.  Alcohol breaks down your body’s stores of glycogen, which is a quick energy source stored in the liver.  So eating something like pasta before you drink helps your glycogen levels stay full.  Healthy fats and lean proteins like avocado, nuts, chicken, and fish are also good to eat before you go out.

3.  Take an antacid.  When you drink, it causes your stomach to produce more acid.  So drinking something like Alka-Seltzer before you go out will help combat that effect.

4.  Eat some yeast.  This is definitely the WEIRDEST tip on the list.  But Jim Koch, the guy who created Sam Adams, swears by it.  Supposedly if you mix active dry yeast in some yogurt before you go out drinking, it helps break down the alcohol in your stomach so you don’t feel as terrible the next day


Huge Internet Debate Alert: What Does the “H” Stand For in “IMHO”?


IMHO” is one of those Internet acronyms that’s been around since people were chatting on America Online.  So who knew it would cause a MASSIVE Twitter debate more than two decades later?

The Internet is majorly divided right now on what the “H” stands for in “IMHO.”  Is it “In my honest opinion” . . . or “In my humble opinion”?

Honest or humble?  It really DOES make a difference in the tone of how you’re using IMHO depending on which one you think you’re saying.

So Buzzfeed put up a poll, and after more than 150,000 votes, HONEST is leading HUMBLE at about a 60-40 split.

Weird.  I always thought it was humble.


The 10 Genres of Music We Listen to When We Want to Feel Happy

  Wait, you’re telling me other people don’t listen to DEATH METAL to cheer up?  Oh, you guys should try it.  All that angry yelling and growling really makes your problems seem insignificant in comparison.

A new survey found the genres of music that people are the most likely to listen to when they want to feel HAPPY.  And here are the results . . .

1.  Pop.

2.  Rock.

3.  Pop rock.

4.  Classical.

5.  Dance.

6.  Country.

7.  Disco.

8.  Ballads.

9.  Musicals.

10.  Indie rock.

One more thing from the survey:  It also found that one in seven people think they’re TOO OLD to go to concerts.

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