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Shouting Swear Words Makes You Physically Stronger

Next time you’re moving heavy furniture, here’s a tip:  Start dropping F-bombs BEFORE you drop it on your foot.

According to a new study out of England, shouting swear words makes you physically STRONGER.  The effect doesn’t last long, but if you keep on shouting, you should be able to stay nice and strong.

The researchers think it’s because swearing makes your heart pound a little faster, like it would when you’re in danger, and that gives you a quick power burst.

(The Guardian)

Japan Is Suffering From a Ninja Shortage

Did you know there are still real NINJAS?  I mean, these days they mostly just perform shows for tourists in Japan, but still, ninjas are still around.

Unfortunately, though, there’s a problem.  LOTS of tourists want to see those shows, but Japan is suffering from a serious NINJA SHORTAGE.

Apparently it takes a ton of training to become one, in everything from acrobatics to weapons combat . . . and since the pay isn’t that great, there’s not a lot of interest.


Would You Take a One-Way Trip to Mars?

Back in 2013, a company called Mars One announced free trips to Mars in 2023.  The only catch:  It was a one-way ticket.  And believe it or not, tens of thousands of people applied for the chance to DIE on Mars.

Now that some time has passed and the chance of going to Mars actually DOES seem like it could be a realistic possibility, a new survey asked people:  Would you do it?

And . . . one out of 10 people say YES, they’d give up their life on Earth to go to Mars forever.

(Daily Mail)
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