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A High School Kid’s Service Dog Got Its Own Yearbook Photo


There’s a 16-year-old kid in Falmouth, Virginia named A.J. Schalk who has type-1 diabetes.  And he has a service dog named Alpha that goes everywhere with him.  (Falmouth is about 50 miles south of D.C.)

It can sense when his blood sugar is about to drop, and let him know about 30 minutes before it happens.  So he even brings the dog to school with him.

It goes to all his classes and the other kids love it.  So this year the people in charge of the yearbook decided to include Alpha . . . by giving him his own YEARBOOK PHOTO.

His headshot is right next to A.J.’s in the yearbook, and he’s listed as “Alpha Schalk.”  (A.J. is listed as “Andrew Schalk.”)

One of Andrew’s classmates posted a photo of it after they got their yearbooks last week, and it’s blowing up on Twitter.

The school also made Alpha his own school I.D., and a photo of that is going viral too.

( / Buzzfeed)


63% of People Eat in Their Car Every Single Day

When did our cars turn into our favorite places to eat?

According to a new survey, 63% of people say they eat in their car EVERY single day.  The main thing people eat is their breakfast on the way to work.

And that means our cars get pretty messy . . . but not messy enough for us to really do anything.  34% of people say they only clean their car out about four times a year, and 27% only do it before they go on a road trip.

The Average American Will Spend One-Third of Their Summer Staring at Screens

You may have a vacation planned for this summer, maybe some barbecues and parties, and trips to the beach.  But mostly, you’re going to be staring at your phone.

According to a new survey by Groupon, the average American says they’ll spend about six hours a day this summer using their phone, tablet, computer, or TV.

That adds up to 35 entire days this June, July, and August staring at screens . . . or more than one-third of the summer.

(Daily Mail)

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