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Six Foods You Should Never Grill . . . and One of Them Is Burgers?

Apparently is trying to RUIN everyone’s Fourth of July barbecue this year.  They had professional chefs list foods you should never cook on a grill.  Here are six of them.  And we’ll start with the most shocking one . . .

1.  BURGERS.  Their argument is the fat drips down . . . the outside doesn’t get caramelized . . . and you lose all the flavor.  You’re supposed to use a plancha . . . a flat piece of cast iron you place on top of the grill.  The Fourth of July is all about freedom though.  So we say do what you want.

2.  Filet mignon.  It doesn’t have ENOUGH fat for the grill.  And they’re usually pretty thick, so it’s hard to cook them the way you want when you’re using a flame.

3.  Pizza.  Most grills don’t cook very evenly, and it’s also hard to get the toppings to cook right.  If you do try it

though, use aluminum foil or a pizza stone.  Otherwise you might have a tough time scraping it off the grill.

4.  Most types of fish, including salmon.  It tends to do better if you cook it on low heat.  And with really flaky fish, the smoke hides all the flavor.  Swordfish and tuna do pretty well on the grill though.

5.  Pork chops.  Again, you lose all that delicious fat.  So they’re better in a pan.

6.  Shish kebabs.  They actually ARE okay on the grill, but not the way most people do them.  Vegetables tend to cook faster than meat.  So don’t put everything on the same skewer.  Put meat on one, and veggies on another.

A Guy Isn’t Allowed to Wear Shorts to Work . . . So He Protests By Wearing a Dress

You know, I was JUST thinking it’s about time that men finally got a win.

A 20-year-old guy named Joey Barge from Buckinghamshire, England wore shorts to his job at a call center on Monday during a heatwave.

But his boss sent him home and told him to change, because shorts weren’t allowed under the company dress code.

So he changed . . . into a DRESS.  Since, you know, those ARE allowed.

And apparently, his bosses completely understood his protest, because they immediately sent out an email announcing that men COULD wear shorts to work.

(Daily Mail

A New Comforter Has Dual Climate Controls So You and Your Partner Will Both Be Happy

There’s an unwritten law that a couple can NEVER be the same temperature.  And this might be the BEST invention EVER to address it.

A company in Montreal just created a comforter with dual climate controls.  It’s split right down the middle, and you can control it with an app to heat or cool each side however each of you want it.

And that’s not all.  The comforter also makes the bed by itself.  It literally rolls into the correct position when you’re done with it.

The company is taking preorders right now on Indiegogo.   It costs $199, which actually seems pretty reasonable for all the fights it’s going to prevent.  It’s scheduled to ship in September.

(Mashable / Indiegogo)


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