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The Ten Happiest and Unhappiest States in America


Happiness is a state of mind, sure.  But does the actual state you live in also make a difference?  A new study ranked the happiest and least happy states in America by looking at three categories . . .

“Health” . . . including things like depression rates and how much sleep people get.

“Lifestyle” choices . . . so, things like work-life balance and how many vacation days people take.

And “prosperity” . . . things like household income and unemployment.

According to the results, people in the MIDWEST have the best chance at happiness.  Six of the 10 happiest states are in the Midwest, and eight are west of the Mississippi River.

The happiest states are Minnesota . . . South Dakota . . . Colorado . . . Utah . . . North Dakota . . . Wisconsin . . . Nebraska . . .Iowa . . . New Hampshire . . . and Montana.

The ten UNHAPPIEST states, according to the study, are Louisiana . . . Rhode Island . . . West Virginia . . . Alabama . . . Mississippi . . . Kentucky . . . Arkansas . . . Tennessee . . . Nevada . . . and Georgia.


Scientists Have Finally Figured Out the Bermuda Triangle


Scientists finally have a really good theory for why so many boats have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.  And it replaces the previous best theory:  “Um, maybe aliens or something?”

The scientists say the Bermuda Triangle is in the perfect position to get hit by major storms in three different directions, which can cause something called “rogue waves” . . . those are deadly 100-foot waves that come and go in just a few minutes.

More than 1,000 people have died over the last century in the Bermuda Triangle.


Woman Calls 911 After Losing Remote Control

The Northwest Florida Daily News claims a Panama City Beach, Florida woman recently called 911 because she lost her remote control.. The woman hung up on a dispatcher before cops went to her home to question her about the call. Officers told the woman to only call 911 in an emergency. She blamed her husband for the lost remote.

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