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You Can Predict How Much Money Someone Makes by Their Favorite Type of Music


  If you want to get rich, you’d better learn how to appreciate a hot bassoon solo.

According to a new study by TDAmeritrade, you can predict how much money someone makes by their favorite type of music.

And here are their results . . .

1.  Classical fans make an average of $114,000-a-year.

2.  Electronic, $92,000.

3.  Rap and hip-hop, $69,000.

4.  ’80s and ’90s, $67,000.

5.  Hard rock, $65,000.

6.  Pop, $61,000.

7.  Country, $58,000.


A Guy Puts Up 300 Billboards to Apologize to His Girlfriend After a Fight


I’m not sure what this guy did to make his girlfriend upset, but it must’ve been MASSIVE.

There’s a 25-year-old guy named Nilesh Khedekar who lives in western India.  And last week, he got into a big fight with his girlfriend Shivde.

So on Friday morning, he put up more than 300 billboards and banners all over his town apologizing to her.

That’s a hell of a gesture . . . but unfortunately, it’s one that might get him in real trouble.

See . . . it’s not like he PAID for those billboards.  He just printed a bunch of signs and hung them up.  So now the police are investigating, and it could lead to charges for defacement of public property.

And also, we have no idea if his stunt was enough to get his girlfriend to forgive him.


Naked Woman Arrested For Trying To Get To Heaven

The Athens Banner Herald newspaper claims the Athens, Georgia police recently arrested a 32 year-old woman for disorderly conduct. Cops found the naked woman rolling around on the ground while yelling and screaming. She told officers she was trying to get to heaven. They arrested her after she attempted to punch them

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