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Choose The News 8/24/18

A Resort Company in Mexico Will Pay You Six Figures to Travel For a Year


This sounds like a job that people would do for free.  So for big money?  People are going to be fighting dirty and throwing elbows to get this thing.

A hotel and resort company in Mexico called Grupo Vidanta is hiring someone for what they’re calling the World’s Best Job . . . professional vacationer.

They want someone to travel between their six resorts for an entire year, writing, quote, “engaging content” on social media about what they have to offer.

And that means free access to their restaurants, spas, activities, and everything else.  They mention zip lining, swimming with sharks, nightclubs, learning to salsa dance, tequila tasting, and golfing as some of what you’ll be doing.

And the salary for the job is $120,000 for the year.

Applications are due by October 21st, and they’re looking for people with sales or hospitality experience who are willing to move to Mexico for the year.  The website to apply is


Naked Ninja Stops Car Thief

The Daily Mail claims a London thief recently tried to steal Nicola Baldwin’s Range Rover in the middle of the night. Her naked boyfriend ran outside and rugby tackled the thief. No word on what happened to the man.

Baldwin tells the paper; ”Someone tried to steal our car last night. Silly sausage didn’t realize my fiancé is a naked ninja. Bet he won’t try that again in a hurry. Would there be anything more terrifying than a raging, naked man rugby tackling you?”


Adults Are Just Realizing the Dark Fate of One Pig in “This Little Piggy”


If you were once a child . . . and you were . . . you know “This Little Piggy”.  “This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none, and this little piggy cried ‘wee, wee, wee’ all the way home.”

But you probably never thought about what it REALLY means.  So a lot of adults are in SHOCK right now after a tweet about its TRUE meaning went viral.

A woman named Samantha tweeted, quote, “I just realized that ‘This little piggy went to the market’ doesn’t mean he went food shopping.”  And she’s right.  He definitely went to the market in a more . . . um . . . edible way.



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