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Choose The News 8/28/18

The Nine Most Annoying Phrases People Use in Email

  A new survey asked people for the most ANNOYING phrases that people use in their work emails.  Here are the top nine . . .

1.  “Not sure if you saw my last email.”

2.  “Per my last email.”

3.  “Per our conversation.”

4.  “Any update on this?”

5.  “Sorry for the double email.”

6.  “Please advise.”

7.  “As previously stated.”

8.  “As discussed.”

9.  “Re-attaching for convenience.”


A Bride Calls Off Her Wedding Because Her Friends and Family Wouldn’t Contribute $60,000

You know, I am totally on this woman’s side.  I also hate it when I ask my family and closest friends for a tiny little favor and they won’t do it.

There’s a woman named Susan, and she recently posted a rant on Facebook that’s going viral.

Susan and her fiancé were all set to get married, but they had a problem.  Her dream wedding cost $60,000 and they only had $15,000.  She wanted a, quote, “extravagant blow-out wedding” where she could “be a Kardashian for a day”.

So Susan asked all of her friends and family if they’d give them cash to help cover the cost.  And not just a little money . . . she wrote, quote, “We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500.”

But when only eight people sent them checks, Susan freaked out . . . and called off the wedding.

Oh, and according to her Facebook rant, because of how her fiancé handled the situation, she just dumped him too.  Now she’s going to South America for two months to, quote, “rid [herself] of toxic energy.”


A Woman Set Her Couch on Fire Because She Thought It Was Possessed

  I know we all spend way too much time on our butts these days.  But blaming your COUCH for it won’t get you anywhere . . .

A 53-year-old woman near Baton Rouge, Louisiana was arrested on Friday after setting her own couch on FIRE.

And she told the cops she did it to, quote, “get the devil out.”  So apparently she thought her sofa was possessed and ruining her life somehow.

The fire damaged her mobile home, and she was treated for smoke inhalation.

She’s now facing arson charges.


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