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Want an Arby’s Tattoo? No? Well They’re Giving Them Away Free on Saturday


It would send the world an interesting message to turn your body into a permanent advertisement for America’s most mocked fast food chain.

Arby’s just announced they’re going to be giving people FREE ARBY’S TATTOOS on Saturday.  Not temporary tattoos.  Real ones.

But there’s a big catch.  They’re only doing it at a tattoo shop in Long Beach, California . . . although I suppose if it’s a big hit they might do it in other cities too.

People can choose from 15 different Arby’s designs, including things like an eagle behind a pack of curly fries . . . an open packet of Arby’s sauce . . . and a dagger going through a roast beef sandwich with the slogan “We have the meats.”

For what it’s worth, the designs were created by a legit tattoo artist, so they actually look pretty good.  But still.

And, if you’re wondering if getting one of these tattoos means, say, free roast beef sandwiches for life, the answer is . . . NO.  You’d literally just be getting an Arby’s tattoo for the sake of having an Arby’s tattoo.


A Guy Proposes to His Flight Attendant Girlfriend Mid-Flight . . . It Goes Viral . . . and She Gets Fired


If you hate when people make a big, public, viral stunt out of a marriage proposal . . . you’ll want to hear this.

There’s a woman who was a flight attendant on China Eastern Airlines.  Back in May, her boyfriend was on a flight from Xi’an to Yinchuan, China while she was working.

And while they were in the air, he surprised her by proposing in front of the whole plane.  She cried and said yes, and everyone on the plane clapped and cheered.

The proposal went viral on YouTube and got almost a million views.

Well . . . last week, the woman got a letter telling her she was FIRED.  Why?  Because the company said her, quote, “private romantic behavior . . . was extremely irresponsible for the safety of the passengers.”

In other words, since she was on the clock, she shouldn’t be getting engaged . . . she should be doing her job.


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