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Forget Helicopter Parenting, the New Trend is Lawnmower Parenting

Helicopter parenting has been HUGE for the past decade or so . . . but for a lot of parents today, hovering over their kids to protect them isn’t good enough.

So here’s a term for an even MORE extreme method that’s becoming a big trend today:  Lawnmower parenting.

According to a teacher who wrote an essay about it, quote, “Lawnmower parents go to whatever lengths necessary to prevent their child from having to face adversity, struggle, or failure.”

Why lawnmower?  Because they MOW DOWN any person or obstacle that might keep their kid from having the most charmed and convenient life possible.

The teacher’s top example was a parent who left work to come to the high school to drop off bottled water for the kid.  He said he asked his daughter if they have water fountains, and she said yeah, but she really wanted to drink bottled water instead.



McDonald’s Just Made Big Changes to Their Apple Pies, and People Aren’t Happy

You’ve probably been eating McDonald’s apple pies since you were a kid.  And first off . . . considering how bad they are for you, congrats on still being alive.  Second off . . . they probably make you VERY nostalgic.

Which is why this is NOT going over well.  McDonald’s just made some pretty BIG changes to their apple pies.

The pies now have a new “lattice crust” on top . . . so instead of being totally covered with dough, now it criss-crosses on top.  And the pies also have new ingredients, including more cinnamon and less sugar.

And people are not exactly thrilled.  One person tweeted, quote, “They are horrible now.”



Dead Man Turns Out To Be Scarecrow

The Daily Record claims the Derbyshire, England police recently rushed to Rachel Evans’ home after a passerby called and said a dead body was lying in her front yard next to a horse’s head. Officers arrived and discovered that the ‘deceased man’ was actually a lifelike scarecrow that Rachel created for a neighborhood scarecrow contest. She tells the paper; ”I saw the flashing blue lights. My husband was laughing with the police, they’d had to prop my scarecrow up because someone thought it was a dead body.”

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