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Choose the news 9/7/17

You’re the Most Exciting at Age 27 . . . and the Most Boring at 37

What a difference a decade makes.  When you’re in your 20s, you’re out there, skydiving naked and drinking at 3:00 A.M. on a Tuesday.  And by your late 30s, the most exciting moment of your day is eating a second bowl of high-fiber cereal.

A new survey asked people what age they were most EXCITING, and the average answer was 27.  They also asked when they were the most boring . . . and it’s just 10 years later, at 37.

The survey also found the 10 things that make you exciting, check ’em out . . .

1.  Staying out super late on a work night.

2.  Trying a new hobby.

3.  Making new friends.

4.  Booking a spontaneous trip.

5.  Learning a new skill.

6.  Making a surprise visit to a friend.

7.  Changing jobs.

8.  Going on a spontaneous shopping trip.

9.  Asking someone out.

10.  Trying a new sport.

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Seven Unwritten Rules for Restaurants

Someone came up with a list of a bunch of unwritten rules for dining out.  Here are seven we thought were interesting . . .

1.  Don’t show up five minutes before a restaurant closes.  The entire staff will hate you.

2.  Don’t be the couple that sits on the same side of a booth when it’s just the two of you.  It’s only cute if you’re in your 80’s.  Otherwise, you just seem weird.

3.  Never try to get a waiter’s attention by snapping your fingers at them.  That one’s kind of rare.  But servers HATE when people do it.

4.  Don’t ask for more than two substitutions when you order something.  One is fine, like a side salad instead of fries.  Two is okay.  But three or more starts to get annoying.

5.  Don’t make your server split the check 10 different ways.  Find an ATM or use Venmo.  They might CLAIM they don’t mind splitting it up, but they’re lying.

6.  Don’t linger when it’s really busy.  Waiters make a lot more money when there’s turnover.  So don’t hog the table for another 45 minutes once you pay the bill.

7.  Don’t be the only one in your group to order coffee at the end.  If you’re with other people, coffee and dessertshould be a GROUP discussion.  If more than one of you wants some, go for it.  If not, don’t make everyone sit there and wait for you.


There’s a New Type of Chocolate For the First Time in 80 Years . . . and It’s Pink

For our entire lives, there have only been three types of chocolate:  Dark, milk, and white.  But after 80 years with just those three, another color is coming.

A new type of cocoa bean was found in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil . . . and it produces a PINK-colored chocolate.  And a Swiss chocolate company called Barry Callebaut will be the first to use it to make “ruby chocolate.”

It should be on sale by next year . . . right on time for Valentine’s Day.


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