Jon And Chantel

What’s for Sunday Dinner?

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Hot Topic: Will you take a survey to get a discount? Jon and Chantel both say no! But everyone else says Yes!


Did your family have a go-to Sunday Meal? Jon and Chantel reminisce about what their Sunday Dinners were like growing up vs. how they are now.

When you go to a concert here are seven more concert etiquette questions, and how people answered . . .

  1. Is it okay to shout something funny at the artist?  Only 23% say yes.
  1. Is it okay to try to touch the performer’s hand?  58% say no.  (But if they’re reaching out to high-five people, what’s the problem?)
  1. Is it okay to bring a huge poster you made and hold it up?  32% say yes . . . 68% say no, because you’ll block people’s view.
  1. Is it okay to sing along at the top of your lungs?  We’re split on that one:  48% say it’s fine . . . 52% wish you’d shut up so they can hear the ACTUAL singer.

Jon quizzes Chantel on “Why women can’t stand nice guys”…is this true?

#1. Because nice guys aren’t real. If you’re too nice, women won’t trust you because you’ll seem like you’re faking it. “Bad Boys” might treat a woman like crap but a least they’re genuine about it.

#2. Because Women Don’t Respect Them. Nice guys will do anything for a woman but women won’t respect you 100% if they know they can control everything you do. And if they don’t respect you, they won’t be attracted to you.

#3. Because nice guys are too predictable. It’s the same for men and women if the person you’re with is exciting in some way, you’re more likely to be into them. Bad boys tend to be more exciting.

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