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100 Year Predictions

A list of predictions from 100 years ago in 1924 include:  World peace . . . terrible diets would lead to no one having teeth . . . horses would become useless and go extinct . . . and everyone would be flying to work.

Jon & Chantel talk about the predictions of the past and their predictions of the future in today’s podcast!


Plus, a brand new 7:30 2nd Date Update!

A few of the predictions from 100 years ago were:

1.  No one would have teeth.   A nationally syndicated advice columnist thought America’s eating habits could drastically change our looks.  Quote, “Will we have any teeth at all?  Will there be any color on our face except paint?  Will the men have any height to speak of, or will they be all girth?”


2.  Horses would go extinct.  A professor at USC predicted horses would be an endangered species, because the invention of automobiles would render them useless.  Quote, “In another hundred years, you may find horses in zoos.  I am sure you will not find them anywhere else.”


3.  Working from home.  In a book called “Wireless Possibilities”, a guy basically predicted the Internet.  He said we’d be doing most things remotely, and it would be great if you hate cities.  Quote, “What a help to the man who objects to a large city!  Why could he not conduct his business from his house in comfort?”


4.  75 would seem young.  A British politician predicted life expectancy would be “at least 100 years old,” and we’d still feel fairly young at 75.


5.  World peace.  Movie mogul D.W. Griffith predicted moving pictures would help end all wars, because they were a “universal language” that could help us all understand each other.  He said by 2024, movies would have played a huge part in, quote, “eliminating from the face of the civilized world ALL armed conflict.”

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