14 Characters Who Stole the Show . . . Even Though They Barely Had Any Screen Time

Buzzfeed put out a list of “characters who stole the show, even though they barely had any screen time,” and they even have the number of minutes each of them were on-screen.  Here’s the list:



1.  Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in “Harry Potter”.  Draco only had 31 minutes of screen time throughout all eight movies in the franchise.



2.  Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood in “Harry Potter”.  Luna only had about 17 minutes of screen time.  She only appeared in the final four movies.



3.  Anne Hathaway as Fantine in “Les Misérables”.  She had about 15 minutes of screen time, including her five-minute “I Dreamed a Dream” interlude.  And Anne still won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for it.



4.  Viola Davis as Mrs. Miller in “Doubt”.  She only had about eight minutes of screen time . . . most of which was her monologue delivered to Sister Aloysius.  And Viola was still nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.



5.  Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs”.  He was only in the movie for about 16 minutes . . . and spent most of that time behind bars.  And Anthony still won the Best Actor Oscar for it.



6.  Alan Arkin as Edwin Hoover in “Little Miss Sunshine”.  Grandpa Edwin was only on-screen about 14 minutes, but that was enough for Alan to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.



7.  Heath Ledger as The Joker in “The Dark Knight”.  He only had about 33 minutes of screen time, and posthumously won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.



8.  Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice in “Beetlejuice”.  Even though the movie is CALLED “Beetlejuice”, he’s only actually in it for about 17 minutes.



9.  Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth the First in “Shakespeare in Love”.  She only had about eight minutes . . . and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.



10.  Estelle Reiner as Female Customer in “When Harry Met Sally”.   She only had about 30 SECONDS of screen time, but her line is the one EVERYONE quotes:  “I’ll have what she’s having.”  Estelle was director Rob Reiner’s mother.



11.  Mahershala Ali as Juan in “Moonlight”.  Juan only had about 20 minutes of screen time . . . in the first third of the movie . . . and yet, he took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.



12.  Brad Bird as Edna Mode in “The Incredibles”.  Edna had about five minutes of screen time in the first movie.



13.  Margaret Hamilton as The Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz”.  It’s hard to believe, but she only had about 10 minutes of screen time.  But it was a memorable enough 10 minutes to inspire the musical “Wicked”.



14.  Finally, David Reale as Glen Coco in “Mean Girls”.  He has approximately ZERO screen time, but he’s a prominent character in Mean Girls due to the iconic line . . . quote, “Four for you, Glen Coco!  You go, Glen Coco!”

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