2019’s Most Sinful Cities

“There is no sin except stupidity” – Oscar Wilde

“The holidays are here. And one thing they’re known for is encouraging indulgence, such as overeating and overspending, which can lead to unfortunate economic consequences.”According to Wallethub, “Americans are the fattest people in the world and every year sustain nearly $325 billion in losses as a result. Plus, Americans began 2018 with over $1 trillion in credit card debt.” Well, I am probably just in so much debt because of all the sushi, pizza, soda, and potato chips I consume. Let’s not forget student loans, either. Is learning a sin though?

The folks at Wallethub have taken a look at 180 cities around the United States and specifically seven behaviors that could be considered sinful: anger & hatred, jealousy, excesses & vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.

They found that Irvine, California has the lowest amount of violent crime while St. Louis has the most.

Salt Lake City ranked 86 while West Valley 154. One weird stat in specific is West Valley had the fewest beauty salons of the cities examined. Does that mean vanity is more of a sin or does that mean just being clean, which I am told is next to godliness, is more overpowering as a virtue.

Source: WalletHub

According to Wallethub the most sinful cities are:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada
2. Lost Angeles, California
3. New York, New York
4. Houston, Texas
5. St. Louis, Missouri

You can get the full breakdown and some pretty bizarre stats over at Wallethub.

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