5 Reasons To Check Out the Improved Gateway Mall This Summer

Once a staple in Downtown Salt Lake City, The Gateway has seen some rough times. 

Built shortly before the 2002 winter games, The Gateway was meant to be a major hub which combined living, office, retail, and restaurant spaces. For roughly a decade, it was the happening place to be. Then, it happened. In 2012, a new mall, which was more centrally located, opened downtown. Major stores, including Apple, Inc., jumped ship and within a couple years, attendance had fallen dramatically. The future of The Gateway was in jeopardy.

Which brings us to the really great news: The Gateway was purchased by a company based in Phoenix, AZ., which promised to spend $30 million revitalizing this incredible piece of Salt Lake living. 

And they’ve delivered!

We sent Jackson and Sara No H to explore the recent developments and renovations to The Gateway mall. Here is their list of the top-5 reasons to re-visit.

1) An All-New Look

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to completely change the atmosphere of a room. So imagine what two years worth of paint can do. New murals and art installations seem to be popping up constantly around The Gateway grounds. Not only are they beautiful, but they present unique photo opportunities whether you’re out with the kids or with the squad.

In the arms of the angel. | The Gateway, 2018

Salt Lake City is for Lovers | The Gateway, 2018

2) Before I Die…

In the same vein (I.e., Instagram fodder), you need to swing by the “Before I Die…” wall to jot down your life-long dream. Located just across from the Olympic fountain, you will find plenty of blank space and chalk to document that one thing you’ve always wanted to do.


3) The Nightlife and Weekend Vibes

A more vibrant and social nightlife has been at the top of Utah 20-somethings’ list for a long time. The Gateway is ready to meet that demand. Catch a show at The Depot, get a bite to eat at a variety of restaurants, or grab a drink with some friends at Bout Time before your movie starts at Megaplex. There is so much to do! Plus, unlike a lot of places, they’re open on Sundays.

All this, plus Wiseguys Comedy Club.

Believe it or not, some of the biggest names in comedy have played right here at Wiseguys. Recent names include The Hangover and Community star Ken Jeong, comedy legend Sinbad, and host of The Soup, Joel McHale. Take your turn onstage at one of their open mic nights each Wednesday or check out the future lineup here.

And, of course, the biggest news of the season: DAVE AND BUSTER’S!

It’s like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Play video games, win tickets, redeem them for prizes. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the bar. It will occupy the old food court space- ALL of the old food court space- which means it’s going to be huge. Dave and Buster’s, which is projected to open this spring (so, any day now), is going to be your new favorite place to meet up with your friends before or after concerts and Jazz games.


4) Bring the whole family.

Yes, the nightlife upgrade is going to be rad. But The Gateway hasn’t forgotten what keeps Utah in business; family fun. Enjoy a meal from the rotating lineup of food trucks while your kids splash around in the Olympic fountain. Or stop by the Discovery Gateway children’s museum to keep their minds sharp over the summer holiday. 

Along with brilliant pieces of art, The Gateway has also installed fun things for the kids to enjoy. Check out the new seesaws next to Megaplex or share a family meal at the swing set table.

If you grew up in Utah, you most likely visited the planetarium on a school filed trip. If you didn’t grow up in Utah, I feel bad for you because the planetarium is amazing. In 2016, the Clark Planetarium re-opened after about 18 months of renovations. Some of the classic pieces are still around (like the pendulum and the ball machine), but some serious upgrades have been installed. Like this tornado machine.

Control the Northern Lights with this motion-capture game.

Everything you’d ever want to know about the Earth and space is right at your fingertips

And no, I will never apologize for that lame joke because I think I’m hilarious.

5) Safety
Alright, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. In the past, The Gateway earned itself a notorious reputation for being run-down and crime-ridden. Major concerns about drugs and cleanliness arose from the homeless shelters next door. 

I can confidently say that this is all in the past. Not only have the state and city worked worked diligently to clean up the area of drugs and crime, The Gateway has made a concerted effort to make sure every guest has a fun and safe visit. The entirety of the mall’s grounds are well-lit and security guards seem to be posted everywhere you look. Trust me, you won’t believe it’s the same place. 


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