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5 Reasons to Visit $5 Wednesday Nights at NHMU

It’s not much of a secret, but I’m a total nerd.

I’m not talking about comic books, super hero movies, or Dungeons and Dragons (not that there’s anything wrong with that brand of nerd). My nerd identity is tied heavily to animals, true crime, pop culture… and DINOSAURS! Like this 33-foot-long crocodilian from Utah, Deinosuchus hatcheri.


So, when the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day at the Natural History Museum of Utah came up at work, I jumped on it. NHMU has always been my very favorite place to spend a weekend or take friends from out of town. It really is a gem.

But don’t take my word for it. I have hard evidence that proves NHMU is the coolest place on earth.

Here Are 5 Reasons to Visit The Natural History Museum of Utah Next Wednesday


1) World’s largest collection of horned dinosaurs


The Past Worlds exhibit showcases some of the most amazing dinosaur specimens including the largest collections of horned dinosaurs in the world. You’re familiar with Triceratops, but that’s just a drop in the bucket. Get to know Diabloceratops, Protoceratops, and fossil of the month, Utahceratops:


2) Only in Utah


Though these creatures and their bones have been around for millions of year, we still know very little about them. In fact, we’re discovering new species all the time right here in Utah and NHMU is the only place to see these specimens. For example, Lythronax argestes, otherwise known as “The Gore King of the Southwest.” Bone chunks discovered in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument turned out to be a completely new species. To date, this is the only known specimen of it’s species and is currently on display at NHMU.

NHMU also displays the only known T-Rex fossil ever found in Utah. 

If that weren’t enough, you can learn learn about the lives and cultures of Utah’s Native American populations in the First Peoples and Native Voices exhibits.



3) Nature’s Ultimate Machines Exhibit


Ever wonder how a bird flies or why the cheetah runs to fast? This amazing exhibit (now-Sept. 3rd) explains it all with interactive elements and dual-language signage (English & Spanish).

My favorite part: The giraffe heart exhibit. Feel how hard that heart has to work to pump blood to it’s brain. Squeeze the heart and try to make blood flow all the way to the top through the red tube. It’s harder than you think. 


Honorable mention: This guy.


4) Spy on the Scientists

Through brightly lit windows near the Past Worlds exhibit, you can get a peak of Paleontologists working to unearth mysteries. Right now, they’re working on a huge project: The most complete tyrannosaur fossil ever discovered in the American Southwest. And I was assured by lead Paleontologist Anne that the googly eye is anatomically correct. 


5) Price

When you have kids, outings can be prohibitively expensive. You won’t have to worry about that on Wednesday nights. NHMU has extended hours on Wednesday (open until 9:00pm) and it’s only $5 per person to get in after 5:00pm. Bring the whole family without breaking the bank.




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