$60,000 Cash Giveaway

It’s your chance to win part of $60,000 cash!

That’s right! Every weekday, from April 4th through May 6th, listen to Mix 105.1 at 8a, 11a, 2p, and 5p for a keyword to be given out and win some cash. Once you hear it, head back over to this page and enter it on the form below. Twice daily, two different people will be awarded $1,000 each! That’s $2,000 of cold, hard cash given away each weekday for four weeks!

Listen at 8a, 11a, 2p, and 5p for your chance to win!

And just for entering, you’ll also be entered to win a GRAND PRIZE of $10,000!!!

Contest Rules

Broadway Media General Contest Rules

Think of what you could buy with that extra cash! Maybe you need some new speakers for your home theater, plane tickets to some far-off beach to relax in the sun, maybe you just want to save it for the next rainy day or pay off some bills. Have you ever thought of taking up a new skill like boxing, glass blowing, hubcap throwing, frisbee golf, chewing the biggest wad of bubble gum, or professional hot dog eating? That’s just off spitballing! Either way, every weekday for 4 weeks two people will win $1,000! Make sure you listen so you can pocket some of this cash for yourself.

And if you can’t think of good ways to spend an extra $1,000, US News Money has a few “responsible” ideas, but if you’re looking for a few frivolous things to spend it on, well, Buzzfeed, has some of those, too.


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