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90% Cacao | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast with Extras

Jon picks another terrible list for morning show Family Feud, Justin is a space commander’s dad, and Jackson’s personality is 90% cacao.


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Gary Gulman State Abbreviations
During our interview, Gary mentioned this bit from Conan. Enjoy.

Catch his show tonight and tomorrow

Jackson’s Pink Blazer
The local news paper stole this photo from Jackson’s FB page  for his Biggest Loser announcement. This photo ran in the paper 5 years ago. Let that really sink in.

This is the actual photo my local newspaper chose to run of me 5 years ago. #FBF

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Insidious Trailer
Our movie review Luke Hickman joined us to discuss the big release this weekend, Insidious: The Last Key


Justin Timberlake has new music!
Here is the official video for JT’s new single Filthy.


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