Birds Have Invaded Downtown Salt Lake

There’s a new way to get around downtown!

Bird Scooters have begun to show up around downtown Salt Lake City.

For those of you not familiar, they are electric scooters you can rent. They cost $1 to start and $0.15 cents per minute thereafter. You can use debit, credit, Apple Pay or use a promo code (DLMVQ for a free ride up to $5).

To start, just download the Apple or Android App to your phone, use the map to track down a scooter (they are just around, not like Greenbike stalls), check in and ride.

Bird suggests wearing a helmet, don’t ride on sidewalks and stay in bike lanes where you can, you need to be 18 years or older, one rider per scooter, and you need a driver’s license to operate one. The scooter rolls at a cap of 15 miles per hour, for your safety.

When you’re done with your ride, just park it and check out. Bird ask you leave scooters near bike racks.

There has been some controversy on the arrive of Bird Scooters in some markets like this report from Vice News, so there’s no telling if they are just testing here or how our local government will react. Another reason to play nice while cruising around town on these things.

Sounds like a fun new way to get around downtown for 4th of July weekend. And yes, you can get a DUI on one of these things my bar-hopping friends, so be safe.

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