Build a Firepit with Lexi

I built a firepit! And you can too! Watch my super helpful how-to video:

Just in case that wasn’t detailed enough for you,  here are the step by step instructions:

1. Pick a spot that won’t catch on fire. We removed a tree stump from my concrete patio and I built the fire pit in the square of dirt that was left.
2. Get rid of all the rocks and sticks
3. Tamper it. You can use a machine. I used a hand-held tamper. Try to make it as flat as possible.
4. Put leveling sand on it and tamper that. Use a level so your fire pit isn’t lopsided.
5. Add gravel. This stuff helps with making sure the blocks are level.
6. Arrange cinder blocks in whatever pattern you want. You can move around the gravel to keep it level.
7. Stick them together. I used an outdoor concrete adhesive. It works with a caulking gun. You can also use mortar. Let it dry for several days.
8. Add veneer. I used rocks from the yard. I put them on with mortar. It was not easy and there was a mess. They make veneer specifically for this, I was just being cheap. Plus, I like the way it looks. But, if you use tiles, you could use the concrete adhesive for this too. Mortar comes as a powder in a bag. You add water. The bag is really heavy. Powder from mortar and grout got all over the place. I couldn’t use a broom to sweep it away, it just wasn’t working. So I hosed it off. There is now a thin layer of mortar and grout on my patio.
9. Grout it. I used a piping bag. It looks like an icing bag and works in the same manner. Several of the rocks fell off. I ended up using that concrete adhesive to put them back in their spot.
10. Top it. I used concrete toppers. I used the concrete adhesive for that, too.
11. I filled the inside with lava rock. It’s made specifically for BBQ pits. It retains heat, but it won’t explode. I put some bigger, cheaper decorative lava rock underneath it to bulk it up.
12. I put decorative rock around the outside. I believe it was called Canyon Red Stone. You may not need this step because you probably aren’t putting your fire pit in the middle of your patio.
13. I’ll be getting a fireplace grate to raise the logs up a little higher so that the fire gets more oxygen.
14. Hooray for fire pits.

P.S. Check your local laws regarding fire pits. Don’t do anything stupid with fire. Fire safety! Also, marshmallows.


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