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Celebrities Who Turned Down Cameos in Jennifer Lopez’s Short Film

Jennifer Lopez’s short film “This Is Me… Now” that came out earlier this month could’ve had a drastically different list of celebrity cameos.


In her new documentary“The Greatest Love Story Never Told”, J-Lo revealed some names that passed on the opportunity, like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

Also, Jason Momoa . . . Jennifer Coolidge. . . Lizzo . . . Vanessa Hudgens . . . Snoop Dogg . . . Khloe Kardashian . . . SZA . . . Bad Bunny . . . and actor Anthony Ramos (from “Hamilton”) because he’s good friends with her ex Marc Anthony.


So who DID she book?  She got Jane FondaTrevor NoahKeke PalmerPost Malone, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

J-Lo’s short film and documentary are now streaming on Prime Video.

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