Choose The News 11/19/18

The New “Magical Burger” Includes a Rainbow Bun, Banana Ketchup, Marshmallows, and Sprinkles

  This is either America’s most intriguing or most DISGUSTING burger . . . and I’m really not sure which.

There’s a burger spot in Anaheim, California called Ground House.  And they just rolled out a new item called the Magical Burger.  Here’s what it’s got . . .

1.  Four burger patties with cheese.

2.  A RAINBOW BAGEL as the bun.

3.  Three aioli sauces, one of which is a BANANA KETCHUP aioli.

4.  Colorful MARSHMALLOWS.

5.  And rainbow sprinkles.

As for how it tastes . . . well, believe it or not, so far, people on Yelp actually seem to really like it.


Parrots Imitate Smoke Detector Alarm

The BBC claims Steve Dockerty, of Northamptonshire, England, recently called firefighters after he heard what he thought was his smoke alarm going off. First Responders quickly arrived, but didn’t find any blaze. They cleaned Steve’s smoke detectors and checked the rest of his apartment, but kept hearing a smoke alarm. The firefighters discovered that Steve’s parrots were imitating his smoke detector alarm.

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