Choose The News 11/26/18

Arby’s Is Testing Beer Can Chicken Made with Miller High Life

What happens when America’s classiest fast food chain teams up with America’s classiest beer?  Magic.  Arby’s just started testing a new BEER CAN CHICKEN sandwich.  And the chicken is marinated with . . . Miller High Life.

Then it’s piled on a sandwich with bacon, onion straws, and cheese.  And you can also get smoked ham and a fried chicken patty on top, if you order the deluxe.

They’re testing the sandwiches in Minneapolis . . . Augusta, Georgia . . . and Tulsa, Oklahoma for the next month.  And if things go well, they could roll these out nationwide.


Teens Take Plane For Joyride

ABC claims two teens from Utah recently took a joy ride in a stolen plane. The 14 and 15 year-olds left a group home in Northern Utah before heading to Eastern Utah where they met up with some friends. The teens then drove a tractor to a private airstrip where they stole a single-engine plane. The boys were arrested after they landed


Cards Against Humanity’s Ingenious “99% Off” Sale Dominated Black Friday with Weird and Amazing Products

  If you don’t know Cards Against Humanity, it’s the most successful adults-only card game ever.  And the people behind it REALLY know how to pull off marketing stunts.

So this year, for Black Friday, they held a “99% off” sale.  Not on their game . . . on other things.  And they DOMINATED social media as people competed to try to buy all of the insane, random . . . and sometimes amazing . . . stuff they sold.  Like . . .


1.  An original Picasso for $60 instead of $6,000.

2.  A 50-pound wheel of cheese for $3.29 instead of $329.

3.  A geriatric medical doll of an old naked grandma for $17.69 instead of $1,769.

4.  A double-decker cat stroller for $2.90 instead of $290.

5.  600 live ants for 66 cents instead of $66.

6.  A $100 bill for $1.

7.  Dan Aykroyd’s latex cone head he wore while shooting the movie “Coneheads” for $19.95 instead of $1,995.

8.  And a 5-day trip to Fiji for two people for $71.60 instead of $7,160.

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