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Allow me to start by saying that I was reluctant to try 50 West Cafe’s after-hours Drunch. Mostly because me and my friends are staunch creatures of habit. After a long night out, we typically force our Lyft driver to make a pit stop at the same fast food restaurant, order the same thing, and eat it in the same living room like a bunch of savages. Trying new things is strictly out of the question.

But I was so, so wrong (not an easy thing for me to admit… ever).

Top 5 Greatest Things About Drunch

1) Solid after-party hours (Midnight-3am)
I met up with some friends at the same bar we always go to (again, ritualistic monsters) and we stayed out waaaaay past my bedtime. As we left the bar, we saw the huge, lighted sign on the Broadway Media building advertising for Drunch. We took a leap of faith and walked over there to find that, even though the bars were booting everyone out, they were still open. I may have my customary after-drinking spot, but when someone drops midnight bacon in your lap like that, you’ve got to at least investigate.

2) Killer Price ($8.99)
$8.99 per person at a buffet-style breakfast spread. I spend $8.99 just walking into a sit-down restaurant. Price included food AND drinks (coffee and lemonade).

3) Live Dj Playing Straight Bangerz 
As I dished up, there was a Dj next to the buffet spinning all my favorite music. What’s better? It was at a perfect volume. Which is very important to me, a 70-year-old grandmother trapped in the body of a 25-year-old man. It was a great way to wind down after loud music and drunken strangers blasted in my ears all night.

4) Delectable Dishes
The buffet had something for everyone. Bacon, french toast (maple syrup IN A WARMER), eggs, fruit… all the best hangover-avoidance dishes. And the biscuits and gravy? I’ll let comedian Fred Thomas take over from here:

5) Easy Access
As the name of the cafe might suggest, Drunch takes place at 50 West Broadway (3rd South and West Temple). Incredibly walkable from most downtown bars, even if you’re stumbling around like Bambi learning how to walk (me). It was less than a block from where where we were hanging out. But what if it’s too cold or your feet hurt or you just refuse to walk? No worries. They set up a deal with Lyft for $5 off your Drunch ride, which makes it practically FREE to get there from anywhere downtown (check out the Facebook event page for the promo code and the details).

It’s all going down again tonight, so spread the word far and wide.

Jackson on the Streets

Clearly having too much fun to even take a proper selfie

(Clearly having too much fun to even take a proper selfie)

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