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Ed Sheeran Cancels Thousands Of Tickets

The fight against ticket scalpers continues!

This time, it’s Ed Sheeran taking the battle. Sheeran is currently on tour, and his fans have been getting ripped off by scalpers who make a profit buying and selling the tickets. In order to combat this, Sheeran and the tour promoters have canceled over 10,000 tickets. But this isn’t at random, the promoters are working very hard to identify the tickets that were bought by scalpers; part of this process includes canceling any and all tickets from sites such as Viagogo.

Those who did buy tickets from a resale site have been given assistance in obtaining a refund and buying a genuine ticket. So far almost $300,000 has been refunded. This isn’t the first time an artist has tried something like this. Recently Nine Inch Nails made it so their concert tickets were only available in person. Music festivals have done it in the past as well, but this is the largest scale we’ve seen it attempted before.

I love this! Otherwise, we end up having to pay a higher price to scalpers just to see a concert. Nice job Ed!

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