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Four Tips to Avoid Losing Your Luggage When You Fly

Triple-A expects a record 7.5 million Americans to fly for the holidays this year.  So expect even more chaos than usual.  A travel expert posted a list of tips in case your checked bag gets lost.  Here are four things you might want to do.


1.  Buy some Apple AirTags.  Popping one in your bag has become a popular hack, but they’re not exactly cheap.  A four-pack costs around $100.


2.  Book a direct flight.  Hopefully you’ve got your tickets by now.  But in general, airlines are far less likely to lose a bag when they’re only putting it on one plane.


3.  Take a photo of your luggage before you fly.  A lot of bags look the same.  So if yours gets lost, it’s helpful to have a photo you can send the airline.  Tying a ribbon or a unique bag tag on it also helps.


4.  Print out your itinerary, and put it inside your bag.  If it ends up in the wrong city and the tag rips off, they’ll open it up and look inside.  Having your flight info in there can help get your bag back to you as soon as possible.


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