Google Released “Throwback Thursday” Stats About Things We Were Googling When the Pandemic First Hit

“Throwback Thursday” is usually about fun stuff, not revisiting all the collective TRAUMA we endured.  But here ya go:  Google Trends looked at the top things we were googling in March and April of 2020, when the pandemic first hit.  Here are some highlights . . .


1.  The top “shortages” we were googling include:  “Toilet paper shortage” . . . “meat shortage” . . . “hand sanitizer shortage” . . . and “Nintendo Switch shortage.”


2.  The top “should I” searches were:  “Should I buy stocks now?” . . . “Should I wear a mask?” . . . and “Should I get tested for coronavirus?”


3.  The top “Is it safe” searches were mostly about cancelled Spring Break plans:  “Is it safe to fly?” . . . “Is it safe to travel to Florida?” . . . “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?” . . . “Is it safe to go to the grocery store?” . . . and “Is it safe to order takeout?”


4.  Searches that hit an all-time high that March include:  “Shelter in place” . . . “social distancing” . . . “pandemic” . . . “lockdown” . . . “rubbing alcohol” . . . and “toilet paper.”


5.  Searches that hit all-time highs that April include:  “Binge-watching” . . . “jigsaw puzzle” . . . “stimulus check” . . . “furlough” . . . “GOOD news” . . . and this last one might be the best:  Searches for “WHAT DAY IS IT” hit an all-time high.


6.  And finally, a few searches that hit 10-year lows were:  “Party” . . . “happy hour” . . . “movie theater” . . . and “traffic.”

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  • Jon Watkins

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