Grandma Rates Rappers on a Scale of 1–10 and It’s Everything You Need Today

 A grandmother with the help of her granddaughter, hopped on TikTok.


The grandmother was shown a series of photos of rappers and told to rate them on a scale of 1-10. Here are the highlights. Lil Durk-zero Lil Wayne a very loud and resounding zero followed by “what in the world?” Lil Baby received a five just for having dimples. DaBaby received a zero Snopp Dogg got a very ecstatic hell yeah followed by 15. Drake received a 2 because, I don’t like him. He think he cute. Snoop posted the video with the caption, Granny Rated. DaBaby commented on Snoop’s post, damn gma, Yeen got no love for baby?

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