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Happy Blue Monday

Happy Blue Monday, everyone . . . or, NOT-so-happy, I guess.  It’s supposed to be the most DEPRESSING day of the year.

A travel company in the U.K. came up with it in 2005 as a P.R. stunt.  So if you’re having a GREAT day, don’t let us ruin it.

It’s based on a formula that’s supposed to calculate how depressing any given day is by looking at things like weather . . . post-holiday stress . . . New Year’s resolutions we’ve given up on . . . and the fact that Mondays suck in general.

Most experts say it isn’t very scientific.  But the formula claims that in the northern hemisphere, the saddest day of the year is always the third Monday in January.  And the happiest day is in mid-to-late June.

Even if Blue Monday isn’t backed by science, most would agree winter IS a little more depressing than other seasons.  So “The Toronto Star” posted a list of some science-backed ways to cheer yourself up today.

They include getting some exercise . . . getting some sun, if possible . . . doing something fun with people you like . . . and eating some chocolate, specifically 85% DARK chocolate.

Or, how about listening to Jon & Chantel? They’re always a good pick-me-up!

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