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Have You Seen Jon’s Daddy Diaries?

11 years ago, I made a few YouTube video while Jenn was expecting our first son, Liam. They were called “Jon’s Daddy Diaries.”

Well, I had forgotten about them! That is- until Chantel found them on YouTube! The original plan was to do an entire series as the kids grew up. I was on a Country music station and even enlisted the help from some Country stars like Jason Aldean and Thompson Square.

But as you know, life gets busy! After about 10 episodes, and a newborn at home, I failed on making any more.

So, if you’ve missed any of the audio that we played on air, here they are. Enjoy!


Episode 2 (the one with Jason Aldean)

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5


It’s hard to believe that Liam wasn’t even born when I started these. Now look at him!



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