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Have You Tried ‘Grayscale Mode?’

I read this, this morning and am now going to have to try it!:

This 30-second iPhone hack changed my life…

Grayscale Mode removes the colors to make your phone immediately less appealing and addicting.

To turn it on, follow these steps:

(1) Settings
(2) Accessibility
(3) Display & Text Size
(4) Color Filters -> On
(5) Grayscale

If you want to be able to toggle it on and off easily, you can create a simple shortcut:

(1) Settings
(2) Accessibility
(3) Accessibility Shortcut
(4) Color Filters

If you triple-click the side button, you’ll be able to toggle Grayscale on and off.

Since starting to use Grayscale Mode in January, I’ve seen my screen time drop and my focus rise.


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