He Said, She Said Survey

Would you be offended if someone asked you not to bring your child to their party? Would you go so far as to bring them out of spite?

Yesterday I threw a birthday party for my husband. I invited about 20 people to our house for swimming in our pool, drinks, and fun.

I also specified on the invite that the party was for adults ONLY. No kids allowed in the house.

Well, one of the couples we invited either didn’t get the memo, or were offended, because they brought their three-year-old son to the festivities.

The entire time while they relaxed, I had to take care of this kid, which included cutting up an apple in “very small pieces” so he could eat it. Oh, and I had to go to the grocery store to get him apple juice, because that’s all he drinks.

Was it rude of my friends to bring their kids without asking me? Did they bring him out of spite? Should I have said something?

Wendy, 38

Parents: Where will you admit you brought your kid that you shouldn’t have? Is it that tough to find a sitter?

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