He Said, She Said Survey

How long should you be dating before you go to a wedding together? And how far in advance should you CANCEL a date?

I’ve been dating a guy for three months, but we get along really well . . . so I invited him to my friend’s wedding this weekend.

He said yes when I asked him a month ago. But yesterday he texted and said we “need to talk” . . . and then he CANCELLED on me.

He has a lot going on in his life right now, and said he’s really stressed. But he also said he’s made the mistake of rushing into things in the past, and doesn’t want to do that this time.

So we’re not breaking up . . . he just isn’t ready to do the wedding thing together, and meet all my friends.

Obviously I’m really annoyed, because now I don’t have a date and my friend had to pay for a place setting. But I’m also wondering if I should I keep seeing him after this.

Is this a dealbreaker? Was it too soon for me to invite him to a wedding the first place?

Riley, 27

What do you think? Is cancelling a wedding date 4 days before the wedding a deal breaker?

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