Is This a Good Life Hack? Take Your Suitcase to the Grocery Store

Is this a solid life hack, or just an easy way to become the WEIRDEST person you know?


Some woman bragged on TikTok about an amazing life hack she came up with that makes grocery shopping easier.


Instead of using bags . . . she brings her SUITCASE to the store.


@lydiajaynem work smarter #aldi #student #lifehack ♬ Material Girl – Madonna


The one she uses is carry-on size.  It’s the kind everyone has now with wheels and a pop-up handle.


She uses a shopping cart at the store, but brings her suitcase in with her.  Then she just packs her suitcase in the checkout line, and rolls her way out.


She says it’s especially helpful for her, because she walks to the store.  But even if you drive, it might make getting stuff into the house a little easier.


Expect to be mocked for it though.  She says she does get laughed at.

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