Jon And Chantel

MTV Movie and TV Awards

Despite the Writers Guild strike, MTV went ahead with its “Movie and TV Awards” . . . But it was NOT a typical award show.  It was actually a lot like award shows were during COVID.


No host, no audience, no theater, no presenters.  Just an announcer naming the nominees, then the winner.  Some winners gave pre-taped video acceptance speeches, some didn’t.


Drew Barrymore . . . who WOULD HAVE hosted if the strike didn’t happen . . . appeared in a few bits that were apparently recorded before the strike.


The show was “only” two hours, and it was STILL padded with “greatest hits”-type bits from past shows, as well as new trailers and clips from upcoming movies and TV shows.


If there was a highlight, it would have to be Tom Cruise accepting the award for Best Performance in a Movie while flying a fighter jet.

Other winners on the night included “Scream 6” for Best Movie, “The Last of Us” for Best Show, “Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega for Best Performance in a show, and Pedro Pascal from “The Last of Us” for Best Hero.


Speaking of Tom Cruise, how many Tom Cruise movies can you name?

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